On-Screen Technical Consultants

When it comes to talent GGE represents some of the most sustainable-minded and uniquely qualified experts anywhere. Not only do these guys “know their stuff” but they’re not so bad to look at either.

Darren Moore, EcoMcgyver

Darren Moore was one of 12 contestants on NBC’s reality competition series “American Dream Builders.”  

Moore, who prides himself on his sustainable design and construction, is called by many the “Eco-MacGyver.” His focus is to add value through his work and inspire others to take on the challenge of building a better home, neighborhood, city, country and world by connecting the large issues to small and simple everyday choices.

Moore’s company, Ecovations, is a for-good company that solves ecological problems in the world through design, construction and consulting. Ecovations’ goal is to improve people’s lives by providing more access to healthful environments. Their range of services include architectural and interior design, building and fabrication, general contracting, consulting, production, set reclaimation and production design, educational programs and waste diversion.

In 2006, he founded Ecovations Lifestyles to support the use of sustainable building practices and lifestyle choices. In 2008, Moore became the co-host of the television show “Alter Eco” on Discovery Communication’s channel Planet Green. He has since been involved in various lifestyle-and building-related shows as a contributing producer and on-camera personality. He has been a speaker at Eco Chic New York Fashion Week, Go Green Expo, and a variety of eco-events nationwide. His award-winning design for the AMERICAN DREAM BUILDERS: Modern Modular episode was featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

Designer Lookbooks

Check it out: Darren Moore’s Designer Lookbook



Mark Semos, Frogmen LLC

Lone Survivor, Captain Phillips and Iron Man 3



Moviefone: ‘Lone Survivor’: You’ve Never Seen Weapons Training This Intense (EXCLUSIVE)

Film & Television Services

Frogmen Inc. represents a Team of Special Operators from the Naval Special Warfare community as well as SOCOM currently working in the entertainment industry. Navy SEALs have long been known for their ingenuity and creativity on the battlefield. From the jungles of Vietnam to the mountains of Afghanistan, SEALs have broken ground in forging new and exciting tactics to bring the fight to the enemy. Frogmen Inc. delivers that same unconventional mastery combined with a genuine authenticity to your production. Whether itʼs a period piece, a modern battlefield production, video game or science fiction film, if thereʼs a tactical action scenario Frogmen Inc. can add an element of authenticity and inventiveness that is without equal. Frogman Inc.ʼs operators have most recently been involved in the Bandito Brotherʼs film “Act of Valor”, and video game and television projects with Activisionʼs “Modern Warfare 3” and EAʼs “Battlefield 3”.

Technical Advising

Our staff of professional technical advisors understand that their role is to support the achievement of the directorʼs goals. We present the authentic article first unaltered, and then work with the director and production team to deviate as far from reality as they need in order to capture the shot they require.

Script Consulting and Development

Whether youʼre looking for technical expertise on contemporary tactics, or insight into the Special Operations community, we can guide you through your script development.

Our staffs areas of expertise include:
  • U.S. Special Operations (SEAL Teams, PJs, MARSOC, Special Forces, DevGru (SEAL Team 6), CAG (Delta Force)
  • EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) CIA/NSA/Intel community
  • The history, organizational structure, and standard operating procedures of the military, though often complicated and confusing, are often vital to a plot and/or character development. We have the subject matter experts on hand to assist in the process. As military services and units change with times and technology, our staff are not only experienced modern war-fighters, but experts in the history of the SpecOps community and available to aid in both historical and current time period projects. We have even adapted modern special operations techniques to the science fiction genre by developing standard operating procedures for fictional weapons, vehicles, equipment, and missions.
  • Private Security Contractors – In addition to our active and retired special operators, we have a number of current private security contractors who have worked with companies like Blackwater, Triple Canopy, and Primacy Group. This modern mercenary area provides exciting insight and guidance for all types of action projects.
  • Authentic Background Talent -Tactically oriented stunts and authentic on screen action: whether our talent performs the stunts themselves, or trains the stunt players, the results are purely genuine.
Talent Training – Live-Fire Weapons Training

On screen authenticity depends on training. When it comes to lead talent, there is no substitute forlive-fire training. The camera can only hide so much, and in the information age the viewing public knows genuine when they see it. Our advanced and proprietary teaching methods and curriculum allow for fast and lasting results with minimal range time.

Courses covered span:
  • Sniper and Precision Rifle, Combat Shotgun, Pistol, Rifle/Carbine/Submachine gun, Pistol and Long Gun combination,
  • SciFi weapons and SOP development, CQB (close quarters battle), Land Warfare and Field Maneuver Tactics, Live Fire
  • Mobility Training Weapons Handling

Live-Fire training is not always necessary, especially in areas like stunts and extras. Frogman Inc.can instruct in weapons handling skills quickly and effectively in a low risk environment. While we donʼt recommend this for leads, it is a quick and viable solution to give your talent the necessary skills to deliver an authentic performance. Areas covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Safety & Professionalism, Body Position, Movement, Cover and Concealment, Barricaded Shooting, Positional Shooting,
  • Weapons presentation Military Combatives and Martial Arts

Our instruction can enable a group of actors to work together smoothly and seamlessly in a tactical environment. This translates to authenticity and professionalism on screen. Whether you need your team of actors looking and acting like a SEAL Platoon, a squad of Rangers, a SWAT Team or a Marine Corps Rifle Company, we have the combat experienced staff to meet your goals.

  • Reality/Non-Scripted Television
  • Casting Support and Contestant Selection

Frogmen Inc. can help cast contestants for your action or military themed non scripted competition show. We can verify a contestantʼs background through our investigative channels to ensure you have a vetted player with the exact experience that they purport to have.

Game Challenge Consulting

Whether itʼs a military/action themed game or an extreme physical challenge, Frogmen Inc. has extensive experience in developing challenges with fair and legal game-play, combined with multiple quantifiable failsafes to ensure there is a clear winner.

Motion Capture

With a wide variety of operators to choose from, each ingrained with the authentic skills necessary to translate on screen, we can match the character youʼre looking for.